Repertoire is an easy-to-use multi-format audio file player that you can control using MIDI devices. It features a waveform view with CUE and LOOP functions. You can also easily save and load playlists.

  • Supports multiple audio formats: WAV/AIFF/FLAC/OGG/MP3
  • Playlist.
  • Play/pause.
  • Waveform view.
  • Seek bar.
  • Loop.
  • Cue.
  • Volume.
  • Tag view.
  • MIDI learn and control.

Buy Now

For a limited time, you can get Repertoire 1.0 for just $4.99. We recommend you try out the free edition before purchasing.


Free Edition

Free Editions of Repertoire are also available. Compared to the full version, it has the following limitations.

  • Commercial use is not allowed.
  • Only wav format is supported.
  • “LOAD” playlist function is disabled.
  • Requires internet connection.

Download from


How To Use

  • +path – Add all supported files recursively from a directory.
  • +file – Add one supported file.
  • delete – Delete one entry.
  • clear – Clear all entries.
  • load – Load playlist.
  • save – Save playlist.
  • >>/<< – Next or Previous track.
  • PLAY – Toggle play/pause (Keyboard shortcut: Space)
  • LOOP – Right-click on the waveform to set loop points. Press this button or F9 key to toggle.
  • CUE – Right-click on the waveform to set CUE point. Press this button or F10 key to jump to the CUE point.
  • LEARN – Toggle MIDI learn. When enabled, press a button in the Repertoire you wish to control via MIDI, then engage the MIDI command on your device. When finished, un-check LEARN, the configuration will be saved. Please note, only the buttons in the bold font above can be mapped to MIDI commands.

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