vstPlayer is a multi-format audio file player in the form of a VSTi plug-in.
Release Notes

  • Supports multiple audio formats: WAV/AIFF/FLAC/OGG/MP3
  • Playlist.
  • Play/pause.
  • Waveform view.
  • Seek bar.
  • Loop.
  • Cue.
  • Volume.
  • Tag view.
  • MIDI learn and control.
  • Supports Windows and Mac OSX.
  • SYNC with your VST hosts.


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Please note, we have tested vstPlayer with as many host programs as we have access to, but it is possible that we missed some.

How To Use

  • +path – Add all supported files recursively from a directory.
  • +file – Add one supported file.
  • delete – Delete one entry.
  • clear – Clear all entries.
  • load – Load playlist.
  • save – Save playlist.
  • >>/<< – Next or Previous track.
  • PLAY – Toggle play/pause (Keyboard shortcut: Space)
  • LOOP – Right-click on the waveform to set loop points. Press this button or F9 key to toggle.
  • CUE – Right-click on the waveform to set CUE point. Press this button or F10 key to jump to the CUE point.
  • LEARN – Toggle MIDI learn. When enabled, press a button in the Repertoire you wish to control via MIDI, then engage the MIDI command on your device. When finished, un-check LEARN, the configuration will be saved. Please note, only the buttons in the bold font above can be mapped to MIDI commands.
  • Zooming and navigating the waveform. You can use mouse wheel to zoom in and out while the mouse pointer is on the waveform. You can also drag the waveform to move it around.